Spilt Myths -EP

by Natasha Jacobs

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Russell Jeanes
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Russell Jeanes Sometimes you hear something and it grabs your soul and wont let go. The songs are timeless, achingly beautiful, Natashas voice and poetic lyrics as clear and beautiful as her heartfelt guitar playing. music which inhabits the same musical place as joanna newsom, yet is still completely unique.
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I broke my tibial plateau and some songs poured out of my bone.


released November 14, 2013

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Randy Bergida at Songwriter Factory Studios

All songs written and produced by Natasha Jacobs

Natasha Jacobs- Vox, Nylon-string Guitar, Wurlitzer
Colin Cannon- Electric Guitar
Kira Sassano- Shruti Box

Album art by Jenna Lee and Natasha Jacobs



all rights reserved


Natasha Jacobs New York

Soothing folk songs provide story and subtle truths.

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Track Name: Words May Find a Cozy Way
Corners I can't see around
at every angle of you
Weigh me down appendage of myself,
spilt myths about you
Corners I can't see around
at every angle of you
Patience is the way I choose
for how I can approach you

Words may find a cozy way
to bubble up and slide off tongues
Illusions could sink in the mud
So we can roll in it
and brake down the
corners I cant see around
They way you down appendage of yourself
so I cant know you
Track Name: Ivory Tower
Peel through pages, plan your regurgitation
build your fantasy camaraderie
you can't corral me into to your tower
where brilliance curdles and sours

Just stay on the fourth floor,
make your sterile home
where it's too cold to take off your clothes
and there are codes on all the doors
When I reach out the farther you become
Drunken off your greed,
reality has lost any hope of touch
Do I give too much?

You itch to dissect me,
like a piece of meat
Reach out shaky hands
burning to brand diagnoses, on me
but I am not your love and I am not your case study

your snarl is showing,
your snarl is showing

The ivory tower's where you'll stay
write a novel, channel your love
into anything besides hate.
Track Name: Arachne
Bars opened magically
freak show animals set free to roam
Spider paid no mind to the open door
and wove her web to the iron bars

"Freedom is better, weaver,
freedom is better”
Your web is lovely,
but art is not
mindless monotony

But to her it was a milky way all her own,
falling like snow
her fine threads were blown away
and she wept
and she wept for she didn't know
how to be free

"Freedom is better, weaver,
freedom is better”
But she didn’t know how to be free
oh, the mindless monotony
Track Name: Savage Travis
I remember that time
you chased a buck with an axe around the yard
and we ran through the woods
and up the hill just to take off our clothes
Oh we were so savage, Travis

When you finally said you loved me
it was that day you couldn't speak
so you did some corny gestures with your fingers
coulda' sworn that you thought it was me
who said it first, who said it first
I should have been more sparing with those words

but I was so young, I thought we'd grow old
cause of all of the things you told me.
How cruel to touch my belly and say
one day, one day

And when it was over
We would still go out to dinner
and I'd try not to kiss you, Travis
but when you drove me home
in your van we lost control
doubled parked on the streets of Manhattan
we turned savage

despite all I've learned from you
I still can't figure out if our love was true
and I'm so embarrassed I still think about you, Travis

but I was so young, that I thought we'd grow old
cause of all the things you told, me.
how cruel, to touch my belly and say
one day, one day

When it was really over
you said you'd never love the same again
But we were just children, Travis
You were a good bit older
and you'd hold that over my shoulder
So we were never truly partners
right, Travis?
but oh my, how we were savage.
ooh,, mmm,,,aaahaahah
Track Name: Monster
Full-fledged ahead
with blinders on my horse
Neglecting my periphery
I swerved off course
to find a lack of dirt
and a loss of green
on a chemical cloud
being free took on new meaning

It was white and cold
as I knit fibers to bone
Pulling on nerves along side
atomic spiders, their cries
were made of thunder

They dwelled at the border
Between the flesh and bone
broken and beaten into little stones
over unbeveled scrap metal
conducting lightning bolts
still, my skin remains sewn
as my body jolts

I denied myself of my own inner eye
For all those foreign lands are good to roam
But they are not an escape from home
home's alive inside of me
and is the only shelter from the unknown

So when storm settled down
and my cloud dissolved
I found myself rewired
from all the chemicals
I become a monster
under childhood sheets
stung and barked orders
at love coming at me

this is not how I want to end
that is not really me
and I will sit on this
Until the monster agrees

Home’s alive inside of me
And is the only shelter from the unknown
Track Name: Blue Mud
These walls did hold another room
Before the bloom were colder ways
of forbidden talk
when you were only thought

Words of fine fiber
knit tighter to my chest
as I lay them out for you on your bed
Where we roll in blue mud
both warm and cool
Warm and cool, ooo
Warm and cool

But you hold stones in which we roll
Blue stones, in blue mud
that peel at your wounds
I know the only way out is through

These walls do hold a familiar tune
Like the pull of the moon doesn't have to decide for you,
we have discordant thoughts,
but together we do walk

We roll in blue mud
both warm and cool
warm and cool, oooo
Warm and cool